Why Crystal IT
  1. Our team experienced, reliable and friendly
  2. Client focused
  3. Dynamic solutions, effective communication
  4. Tailoring solutions to your needs
  5. Comprehensive service offering
  6. Knowledge and experience across sectors
  7. Ongoing support, training, advice and consultancy
  8. Quick turnaround and prompt responses
  9. Return on investment (ROI)
  10. Competitive rates
Recent News
  • HR & Payroll Software Successfully implemented in Elite Security Service Ltd
  • Successfully Completed Hospital management software in Momotaj Trauma Center
  • Successfully Completed Hospital management software in Al-Modina Medical Service
  • Cold Storage Management Software Successfully implmented in Hasen Cold Storage
  • POS Software Sucessfully implemented in Zian Digital
Ongoing project
  • HR & Payroll with Attendance Software in Lakhdanavi Limited
  • POS Software in M/S S.S Enterprise
  • Jewellary Management Software in New Milon Jewellers