List of Other Products:

neermanneerman is a product of Crystal IT. It is a real estate management Software....
Target: Real Estate Business.
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vandar Vandar is Inventory Management Software. Business Inventory with Accounts Management System.
Target : Small/Medium Business.

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boighorboighor is School/College/University Library Management Software.
Target : School/Collage/University Library.

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Pharmacy Management pharma is Pharmacy Management Software.
Target : Pharmacy.

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POS Management Software biponee is POS Management Software.
Target : Departmental Store

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  • Library Management System
  • Human Resource Management
  • Payroll Management System
  • Project Management & Scheduling
  • Personal Accounts Management
  • Financial  Accounts Management
  • Provident/Gratuity  Management
  • Task Management System
  • Client Details Management(CDM)
  • Share Management(Back Office)
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Online Recruitment Management
  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Clinic & Diagnostic Center Management
  • Departmental/Super shop Management

  • Insurance Company Management
  • Point of Sale(POS)
  • Merchandising Management
  • Real State Management System
  • News Portal
  • Coaching Centre Management
  • School/Collage Management
  • Distribution Management  
  • Ticket Reservation System
  • Virtual School Management
  • Employee Leave/Salary Management
  • MLM Management System
  • Student & Course Management
  • Digital Prescription System
  • Tender Management System
  • LC /Export/Import/ Order Tracking Management
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  • Cold Storage Management Software Successfully implmented in Hasen Cold Storage
  • POS Software Sucessfully implemented in Zian Digital
Ongoing project
  • HR & Payroll with Attendance Software in Lakhdanavi Limited
  • POS Software in M/S S.S Enterprise
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