Hospital Management System

Hospital Management

aroggo Hospital Management System is powerful, flexible, and easy to use.

HR and Payroll software


  • Reception Management
  • OPD(Outdoor Patient Management)
  • IPD(Indoor Patient Management)
  • Casualty/Emergency
  • OT(Operation Theater)
  • Billing Management
  • Laboratory Management
  • Doctor Panel Management
  • Pharmacy Manageemnt
  • Accounts Management
  • Performance & Doctors Honorarium
  • Insurance Management
  • Asset Management
  • MIS Reports
  • Canteen/Cafteria Management
  • Nurse Management
  • Lab Reports Management
  • Laundry Management
  • Blood Bank Management
  • Inventory or Store Management
  • Employee Management
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Loan Management
  • Bonus Management
  • Allowance Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Provident Fund Management
  • Training Management
  • Duty Roster
  • Silent Feature: Mail & SMS sending.

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Master Setup

Master Setup contains Department, Doctor Registration, Procedure/Investigation Specialized Therapy Hospital contains Therapy Machine Details Therapy Body Parts Bedding Management for IPD or Admit Patient.

Bedding Management

Software Contains Three types bedding system, Cabin Entry used to setup cabin name for the Hospital & Cabin Management use for managing different purpose to maintain cabin activity. Bedding has another type Ward, contains Ward Entry, Ward Management & Ward Status. Bedding systems last type is ICU contains Bed Category, Seat Plan and Cabin Management. Place Fare is important part for Indoor used for maintain Cabin, Ward & ICU fare

OPD (Outdoor Patient Management)

OPD (Out Door Patient Management) for Outdoor Patient, contains, Patient Registration & department wise Appointment and if consultant suggest for Indoor, Transfer patient to Indoor.

IPD (Indoor Patient Management)

Patient Form Fill up, Admission, Patient History ,Patient Release ,Discharge Summary, Discharge Certificate ,Patient Searching ,Draft Bill/Short Bill before Final Billing, Birth Certificate ,Death Certificate

Billing Management

Billing Management used for maintaining transaction, contains Doctors Fees, Therapy Bill, Therapy Due Collection, MRI Bill, BMD Bill, Pathology Bill, Pathology Collection, OPD Bill, Indoor Advance, Indoor Final Settlement, Release Due Bill Collection

Doctors Panel

Doctors Profile, Time Schedule, Met Patient (Red Color) or cancel Appointment (Yellow color), Prescription & Previous Records & Print.

OT (Operation Theatre)

Patients OT Registration, OT Treatment Sheet (Pre, Post & Fresh Note), OT Notes, OT Discharge Patient Summary

Nurse Management

Nurse Duty chart, Intake output chart, Patients Medicine Chart, Nurse Notes, Nursing Assessment Records, and Patients Daily Activity History by Nurse.

Accounts Management

The main operation of this software is Voucher Entry, Voucher Posting or approval. Voucher Entry based on voucher type as Cash Payment, Cash Received, Bank Payment, Bank Received, Contra (Bank & Cash) & Journal .Compatible with multiple head (COA) with different Credit(Cash or Bank Head) & Printing & exporting as extension PDF, doc, Excel Facility. End of the day higher (reporting person) will approved voucher for posting to Ledger. It also provides searching facility for display previous voucher as voucher no, voucher type or date wise.

Accounts Reports

Cheque Management, Ledger, Cash Book, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Receive & Payment, Profit & loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement.

Inventory or Store Management

Supplier Information, Item Category, Item Entry Information, Stock/purchase Details information, Consumption /stock Dispatch, current stock information, supplier wise stock information, date wise consumption information, Stock Requisition & approval

Roster Management

Module contain Shift Setup, Roster Plan setup, Roster Plan Details, Roster Details of Employee

Employee Management

This module shows all information about an employee. This shows Official Information and Reference information included with Contacts, Family, Experience, Training, Academic, Other Qualification like Achievement, Extra Curricular Activities, Hobbies, Other Talent, Nominee, Language Skill, joining Information, Promotion Information, Transfer Information, Retirement and Pension, Employee Turn Over.

Leave Management

Leave management module operation makes an employee absence tracking easy and accurate. Leave management process includes Leave Type, Policy, Application, Approval, Summery (include in Avail & Total Leave Taken).

Attendance Management

Attendance Management is the act of managing attendance of an employee. Over here the module shows Work Hour Setup, Manual check in/out, attendance through card/ finger print, over time, Attendance data adjustment.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management provides quality payroll processing. This module will manage entire Setup and Payroll Process like as Salary Structure, Employee wise Salary Structure, Tax, Loan, Actual Salary, Late Policy, Hourly Salary, Allowance, Salary Sheet, and Salary Adjustment, Monthly Salary Adjustment etc.

Bonus Management

This Module contains Bonus Setup, Bonus Processing & Bonus Adjustment.

Provident Fund Management

PF configuration, PF Master Setup, PF Process, PF Reports, General Ledger configuration, GR Processing & GR Reports Loan, Allowance & Tax Management Loan from Provident, installment schedule, Allowance Employee wise, Tax Slab, Tax Adjustment

Recruitment Management

Job vacancy Announce, CV Submitted, CV Short List, Interview process, Result published, Appointment

Training Management

Training Details, Announce for Application, Application, Selection, Test, Course & Questionnaire, Certification

Performance Management (KPI)

KPI Matrix Indicator, Corporate Score board, performance BENCHMARKING, Performance Evaluation Report


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